Sunday, 3 July 2016

Turbo ROM for Moto G 2014 (titan): Experience the awesomeness of AOSP.

Here is another ROM for our beloved Moto G 2014 (Code-named as titan). This ROM is purely based on AOSP (Android Open Source Project) with added features for customization.  It is the best ROM that I have ever  found for titan, that is stable and gives you smooth and fluid user-experience. 

Here is the list of some of the features of Turbo Rom:

* Turbo tweaks, which includes: *

  • Dirty Unicorns navbar (fling, pulse, smartbar, etc)
  • Change colours of MANY system elements
  • Battery bar
  • Expanded desktop
  • LCD density changer
  • Double tap power button vibration toggle
  • Double tap to sleep on lock screen
  • Double tap to sleep on status bar
  • Three finger swipe for screenshot
  • Lock screen alpha changer (for both the bouncer and normal screen)
  • Bottom left and right lock screen shortcut changer
  • Middle lock screen shortcut changer
  • The ability to change the color of the lock screen alarm, clock, and date
  • The ability to change the font of the lock clock
  • The ability to hide the lock screen alarm, clock, and date
  • Lock screen weather
  • Lock screen wallpaper changer
  • Lock screen torch toggle
  • Enable lock screen media art toggle
  • Multi-window moved out of developer options into Turbo tweaks
  • Memory bar in Recents
  • Google search bar toggle
  • Recents clear all button toggle and placement adjustments
  • Immersive recents options
  • SlimRecents
  • SlimRecents app sidebar
  • Slim's navigation bar customization
  • Auto-brightness toggle in the QS panel
  • Show weather in QS header
  • Brightness slider toggle in QS
  • Quick pulldown in QS
  • Time contextual headers in QS (including Poly HD)
  • Advanced location tile toggle
  • Enlarge the first row of QS tiles toggle
  • The ability to set the number of QS columns (3, 4, or 5)
  • The ability to arrange the QS tiles
  • Status bar battery configuration
  • Status bar brightness control
  • Full status bar clock and date customization
  • Blacklist status bar icons
  • Breathing SMS, missed call, and voicemail
  • Notification counter (shows the number of pending notifications in the app's notification icon)
  • Turbo ROM logo in the status bar toggle
  • Full status bar weather customization
  • AOKP custom system animation customization
  • Power menu animation customization
  • List view animation customization
  • Hardware key customization
  • Full volume rocker customization
  • Advanced reboot
  • Slim's global menu customization
  • Carrier label options
  • Increasing ring in phone and alarm
  • Tons of status bar color options
  • Status bar header QS edit button
  • Network traffic indicators
  • Lock screen blur
  • OmniSwitch
  • Quick unlock
  • Scramble PIN layout

* Outside of Turbo tweaks *

  • Settings dashboard organization
  • Settings dashboard switches toggle
  • Settings dashboard column configuration
  • Proximity wake checker
  • More rotation settings
  • Wake on plug configuration
  • Ambient display notification inversion toggle
  • Slim's ambient display settings
  • Battery and notification light configuration
  • Link and unlink ring and notification volumes
  • Screenshot sound toggle
  • Full Slim IME customizations
  • Battery saver color configuration
  • Reset battery stats
  • Heads up notifications toggle
  • Force expanded notifications toggle
  • Flashlight notification toggle
  • Disable immersive messages toggle
  • Phone number lookup
  • Proximity speakerphone
  • Quick reply messaging
  • Call blacklist
  • Swipe to delete in messaging
  • Even more! 


* Before starting with the installation, note that you are doing this fully on your on risk. If you don't know what is flashing or brick, STOP here immediately. *


  • Device must be rooted and bootloader unlocked.
  • TWRP Recovery

For installing, you need to download the following:


  • Take a nandroid backup of your device. (highly recommended)
  • Restart the device in recovery mode (TWRP).
  • wipe the system data and cache (Dalvik/ART cache, data, system).
  • Now flash the downloaded rom .zip file and wait for the installation to complete.
  • After installation, flash the downloaded GAPPs.
  • If you want to flash other zips like xposed framework, custom kernels, can flash now. (Not recommended though)
  • You are done! Restart the device.
Here is the XDA-Developers link for this rom.
Turbo ROM titan

If you have any query, feel free to post here. 



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